Emotions With Style
Who I am
If I should define my style I’d say that it's “Natural-Glam”, because I try to create images that are aesthetic, elegant and glamorous, but that mostly remain spontaneous and natural.

Riccardo Destro is an Italian established professional, now living and working in the USA.  He is a passionate Photographer that loves to express his artistic views through his images.

Born and raised in Milan, Italy, the fashion capital of the world, he has been always attracted to aestetisc and beauty, specially in the form of visual arts. He learned at a young age the use of his camera as a creative instrument to produce images that express his feelings and emotions.

Keeping his passion as a central theme of his life, he started-up several business, in some way connected with his artful vision of life. Dance schools and shops were his main area of business. After many years where he expressed his photographic vision realizing beautiful images for his companies, his strong passion naturally led him towards a change of life, and decided to become a full-time professional Photographer.

He participates and wins Photo Contests, and works for several companies, taking care of  their product and corporate global images. Local business and large companies hire him to create their newest look or adv campaign. He found himself confident in working with challenging assignments, such as working for the Italian wineries, with their difficult task of picturing wine glass bottles for their collections. Music, Sport and Events are among his experiences, as well as creating books for models.

But it’s in the weddings where he find his perfect fit and  where he can better express his romantic, glamorous and sophisticated way of picturing those intense moments.  In a very short time he is known as one of the most “artful” Wedding Photographer, and he is called to tell the stories of many happy couples across the country in Italy and in the USA.

It’s his passion for the elegance, romance and happiness of such an important event that characterize his story-telling style, made of original and creative shots, but at the same time classical and minimalists, trying to catch for each couple of Bride and Groom their most intimate side, their spontaneity, their loving emotions.

“In many years of passion for Photography, I always tried to picture the essence and the beauty of every situation and weddings offer me each time great opportunities to catch an emotion, a feeling, a romantic moment. My job is to preserve for a lifetime the authenticity and spontaneity of those moments.”