I see that you have prices for Packages.. What if I want something different?

favicon Because every wedding is a unique event, we offer packages that cover the most common requests. If you want us to work on something that is not included, we are very pleased to help you. Please contact us and we will create a custom package that fits your needs.

When does your time starts and what happens on the day of the wedding?

favicon Normally the time starts when we get to the bride house (or Hotel) and we start shooting some picture during her preparation, make-up etc. Depending on the package or if you added a second photographer, he will do the same with the groom. About 20 to 30 minutes before the ceremony, we will move to the Chapel or Church where we will wait for the groom and bride to arrive. In the meantime, we will take pictures of the guests in the exciting moments before the ceremony. During the actual wedding, being very discrete, we tell with our images the important moments, in particular the rings exchange. When the new couple comes out of the wedding venue, we will catch the joyful and happy moment of congratulating with parents and friends, when finally the tension of the wedding is finally over. If there is a transfer to a different location for the party, we can either drive in the same car of the bride and groom or will drive in a separate vehicle and if we can, we will also take pictures of them in their car, that normally is a nice luxury car or a limo or a special vehicle ... During the party, we will cover all the stages, from the opening drinks to the wedding cake and to the dancing after party. In between all of this, we will have to "kidnap" the Just married for this posed photo shooting, that can be in a location that they choose or in a nice area of their party venue. All this is included in the full coverage package, of course if you decide to hire us for a shorter time, we will have to decide together what is most important for you to be covered.  

How can I book your services?

favicon You can follow your request using the contact form on the website, or by e-mail or phone. Following your request, there will be a meeting either at my location or at your home, if you prefer, and in that occasion we will get to know each other, I will listen to your needs, and we will decide how to move forward. When you will decide to hire me as your photographer, you will have to sign a simple contract that will indicate what we have agreed, and you'll have to pay a down payment for the booking. Normally that is a 30% of the price agreed.

In which area of the USA do you work?

faviconI can get assignments all over the country, as long as transportation and accommodation is provided. Most of my work is in the Las Vegas area anyway, because it's where I live. It's very easy for me to work also in the LA/Southern California area. Because of my Italian origin, I also get assigned for weddings in Europe, where I frequently happen to go. All the weddings in the great Las Vegas area have no extra transfer charge. All other assignment have to be discussed separately in terms of transfer costs.

Do you work alone or with an assistant?

favicon I strongly recommend to have also a second photographer for your wedding. This gives a much better opportunity to get more details of the wedding, and the end result can be really much more complete. Depending on the package that you choose the second photographer can be included, or you can always decide to have it on a hourly base. I have no problem anyway in working by myself, with many years of experience I can face all the challenges of such an important day for you.

How long does it take to be able to look at the pictures?

faviconThe normal time-frame before we can show you your wedding pictures is 2 weeks. This is a very short time, as we have to do a big job to view, select and work on the pictures. This time can even be shorter, because the post-production is done by a person of our team that is a graphic designer and that is only dedicated to work on the pictures. This allows us to work at the best on the post-production and the retouching, if needed, and than we will be ready to either send you the pictures or meet with you for a presentation.

Do I get to choose the pictures for my photo-album?

favicon If you have also a photo-album included or if you decided to buy one from our luxury  Handmade Italian collection, before that we'll prepare it, you will get to see and choose which pictures you'd like to have in it. This can happen by meeting, if you live close to Las Vegas and it's convenient for you, or we can upload the photo-proof on our website the pictures and you'll get a password for being able to look at them.

How doeas it work for the photo-book?

favicon Some of the packages have a photo-album included, with different levels of quality and covers depending on the package. They all look very nice, but if you really are looking forward to the state-of-the art photo-book, that will impress your parents and friends, we strongly recommend that you get the Italian Handmade albums that we can provide you. We work with the largest company in Europe for wedding photo books, that has an amazing range of choices at different price points. We will look at their catalog and decide which one you like the best. It will be delivered in a very high-class packaging and once you'll see the quality of the prints you'll just be amazed. Parents smaller albums are also available.

What about the LGBT weddings?

faviconOur path of live taught us that each human being deserves the same equal treatment, with not any difference whatsoever. We are open to work with LGBT and picture their happiness and joy for their wedding day.

How it works for the copywright of the pictures?

faviconAll pictures, by law, belongs to the photographer that can decide to grant the use of them or not. With us, you will get a picture release and you can use the images for whatever you want, excluding for any type of commercial use. That means that you can post them on social media, print them as many time as you want, do anything that you like with them, as long as you do not use them for a commercial purpose. If one day some corporation wants to have your pictures for their advertising campaign, you will not be able to allow them to use the images, but you'll have to direct them to me. If I'll sell them the right to the picture, I'll make sure that you'll get a part of it ... On the other side, I'll be asking you to sign a "model release", where you allow me to use your picture on my website, for social media and for promoting my photography business, but I will not sell the images without your prior consent.

Location fees and permits. How you deal with that?

faviconSome of the most popular venues in Las Vegas require a special permit in order to shoot on their property. Places like Bellagio, aria etc request a permit. Also often fees apply. We will make sure that we'll have everything in order before we decide to go to a specific location, and that we have all the permits necessary. Shootings along the Strip is normally permitted without any special request. Our goal is to make your wedding move smoothly, and without any inconvenience, so we normally decide much ahead where we want to shoot and we'll make sure that all is taken care in a legal and safe way. All eventual costs and fees for getting the permits and for the location are to be considered as an extra and determined separately from our compensation.