faviconTrashing your wedding dress can be fun, believe me … Some time after the wedding, you’ll get to dress-up again and come with us for a special photo shooting.

During the real wedding, most of the couples are under pressure with time, and stressed by the emotion of the event. Therefore, sometime, their actual wedding pictures can show some sign of tension, and they want to take some more picture in order to enrich their wedding album and memories.

That’s when we will trash your dress … You’ll choose a location that you like, it can be just about anything, and we’ll go there and arrange for something really special for you. Without the pressure of the wedding day, you’ll be more relaxed, and we’ll guide you in posing for having some astonishing magazine-style pictures.

The package includes 3 hours, which is the average time that we need in order to shoot in the Las Vegas area (Strip, Red Rocks, Valley of Fire), but you can decide to go to the Grand Canyon, or Death Valley or any place that you like, and we’ll discuss a fair price for you.

The end results of the trash the dress session are always amazing. You will get some incredible high-end pictures, something that will make your wedding photo-book look much better than if you will only include the wedding pictures. It is also a lot of fun, you can just do the most crazy things … who cares, the wedding is already over …!!!!

We’ll include a photo assistant that will help with flashes and reflectors and prepare camera and lenses. A further guarantee of a professional work.

We also recommend to get a professional make-up artist, that can take care of your make-up and hair with the specific need for photographic top results. We have someone that regularly works for us, but you are welcome to have your own artist.


favicon1 Lead Photographer available for 1 hours.

favicon1 Photo Assistant. During  the shooting, my photo assistant will be helping with reflectors, flashes etc …

faviconOn location shooting. You will choose where you want to “trash your dress”.

favicon20 post produced images on digital files. Our graphic designer will retouch all of them and make sure that you have the best possible look and glamour on your pictures.

faviconThe files will be delivered either on a CD, USB pen or sent via internet and will be in two formats. JPEG at low resolution for display on a computer and use online on social media etc. TIFF at high resolution, to be used to print your best picture even in large formats.


faviconAdd $ 150.00 for every Lead Photographer additional hours.

faviconAdd $ 75.00 per hour for a 2nd Photographer (min 2 hours).

faviconAdd $ 99.00 for the Standard Photo Album w/Hard Cover.